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Yota to launch SIM-cards delivery by drones in Moscow

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According to the company representatives, smart use of drones will help reduce the cost of customers subscription origination and SIM-card delivery by 15%

“According to our estimates, opening of a drone station is cheaper than opening a retail outlet, and delivery by drones is cheaper than a courier delivery, which costs us 500 rubles in Moscow, - said Vladimir Dobrynin, COO at Skartel (the Yota brand owner). - We expect that our experiments will prove these forecasts.”

In theory, the SIM-cards delivery will be implemented using drones, which will leave the cards at the so-called Yotaport stands specially equipped and located in Museon and Sokolniki parks, VDNKH exhibition centre and at the Strelka Institute in the city centre.

Free for Yota customers, the delivery will cost 400 rubles to the company itself. The daily delivery is estimated at 700 SIM-cards.

This project is launched by Yota in partnership with CopterExpress in order to test and analyze the use of drones in their business processes. The company’s drones will work within one month. In case of positive experiment results Yota plans to launch the SIM-card delivery by the drones in several Russian cities in 2016.
Source:  Interfax


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