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X5 tests multi-format retail concept

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Supported by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, X5 Retail Group launched testing multi-format retail solutions designed to aсhieve synergy between retail chains and local agricultural producers.

During 2017, farmers' fairs will be organized in several regions of Russia on the territories adjacent to the Karusel hypermarkets. The first project of this kind took place on May 14 in Tver.

More than 20 producers of the Tver region participated in the fair, organized on the territory of the Karusel hypermarket in Tver. Visitors could buy farmer's vegetables, meat, honey, dairy and other products.

"The production volumes generated by small farms are not sufficient for retail chains that seek to ensure consistency of the assortment in large areas of their presence. That’s why the retailers have to cooperate with the largest producers. Meanwhile, multi-format selling is a solution that would provide farmers with their own marketing channel. In particular, the fair is a proven and easily scalable format. The fairs arranged near hypermarkets are good for farmers because they ensure a big flow of customers and give shoppers more alternatives. I am confident that other retailers will follow suit and adopt X5 Retail Group’s practice,” said Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation Viktor Yevtukhov.

In the near future, X5 is arranging Karusel hypermarkets based fairs in St. Petersburg, Lipetsk and Tambov, where the producers not cooperating with retail chains will offer their products, including farm goods as well as arts and crafts.

In each specific case, the event format and timing (one-day, weekend or seasonal), as well as the lists of fairs’ participants will be decided jointly with the regional authorities and farmers associations.

The findings of the pilot project results analysis will be submitted to the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

Source:  retail-loyalty.org, х5


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