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With the Introduction of RAPTOR, ECRS Looks to Change How Groceries Are Purchased

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ECRS_RaptorGrocery retail could soon experience the biggest paradigm shift in checkout technology since the introduction of self-checkout. At the forefront of this emerging evolution in store checkout technology is retail automation leader, ECRS, who introduced its RAPTOR™ automated scanning system at National Retail Federation 2014 show in New York City. ECRS previewed the system in 2013 but comes to New York in 2014 with a production-ready powerhouse that boasts many patent-pending features and offers the world’s fastest checkout experience.

RAPTOR utilizes 360-degree scanning and image recognition technology combined with a newly designed, streamlined cabinet and advanced CATAPULT Transaction Server software working behind-the-scenes to give consumers a checkout transaction that is not only extremely fast, but also convenient. It is thoughtfully designed and well-executed technology that provides a pleasurable experience for consumers, without the frustrations often encountered with traditional point-of-sale and self-checkout.

Consumers will become immediately engaged with RAPTOR as they are met and guided through their purchase transaction by a patent-pending consumer guidance display that is projected directly on the scan belt. This interactive and intuitive guidance system prompts the consumer when to begin a transaction and the frequency in which to place items on the scan belt. Items are immediately moved through the 360-degree scanner that has over a dozen cameras to capture the item’s image and barcode. Items that are not recognized or that require attendee interaction are automatically flagged as exceptions both on the cashier screen and through the voice control and command system, without interrupting the scanning process. Attendees can clear exceptions via voice command or from the touch screen display. While items are scanning, the attendant is free to focus on customer assistance or bagging.

The layout of RAPTOR is the first of its kind in which the attendant focuses primarily on bagging, allowing all items to be bagged before the customer is ready to pay for the purchase. RAPTOR dramatically shortens the overall transaction time by setting a constant ring rate, allowing the system to process two to three times more transactions than a typical checkout lane.

With the RAPTOR delivery waitlist building, ECRS is set to begin early release and implementation in the first quarter of 2014. “We are very excited about this technology,” said Pete Catoe, President of ECRS. “We foresee a steady industry adoption of this revolutionary accelerated checkout model in the coming year and a major transformation over the next few years. Simply put, RAPTOR is not point-of-sale and it is not self-checkout; it is an entirely new way for retailers to drive exponential productivity gains while also driving higher levels of customer-centric service, a true win-win.”
Source:  ECRS


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