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Walmart develops open source ecommerce platform

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Walmart, a US retailer, intends to release its OneOps ecommerce platform as open source in a move to counter customer lock-in with public cloud providers.

Walmart chief technology officer Jeremy King and the vice president of platforms and systems Tim Kimmet said the driver for OneOps was to give companies the opportunity to break free from exisitng cloud providers, reports.

OneOps will be released to the open source code repository Github by the end of 2015, King and Kimmet informed. The platform was developed at WalmartLabs, with a DevOps culture that enabled developers to own the code they write from development to customer launch.

Around 3000 engineers use OneOps at Walmart and commit over 30,000 changes per month for new and improved features. They listed cloud portability - allowing developers to move applications and databases or entire enviroments between cloud providers - along with continous lifecycle management for software as two important benefits of OneOps.

Engineers working with OneOps were also encouraged to be more innovative, as the platform enabled them to spin up new environments in just minutes as opposed to hours.
Source:  The Paypers

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