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VTB24 presented KidBurg to journalists and their families

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VTB24 held an interesting holiday for journalists of federal and industry-specific media and their families in KidBurg, the children's city of professions, Moscow, on August 30.

Young visitors and their parents were pleased to see KidBurg in the Central Children's Store (Detsky Mir) on Lubyanka Square, to explore various occupations and get rich play experience.
We should remind that children’s bank, a project implemented by VTB24, operates in Moscow Kidburg. In the bank area the visitors can exchange their certificates for ‘profies’, the KidBurg domestic currency, and use it in other play areas of the center (as in adult society, children’s city issue passports, and children can spend "play" money on further training, obtaining new skills, entertainment or souvenirs).

After receiving an "uplift grant”, children can try on the role of VTB24 branch employees. Before the start, the group of young bankers wearing the true uniform of VTB24 takes instructions and begin the process of customer service. The obtained skills include electronic queue management, counting cash using electronic banknote counters, their authenticity check with the help of special equipment, cash collection, and, above all, communication with customers.

VTB24 hopes that the banking activities in the form of a game will help improve the financial literacy of its future customers.

PLUS and Retail & Loyalty journalists who visited the event gave big points to the work of "young bankers" and the variety of professional areas of KidBurg. The entertainment and training center allows children aged 4-14 to get a taste of more than 60 professions.

We remind that in early September, Retail & Loyalty #6 / 2015 will publish an interview with General Director of KidBurg Maximilian Pivovarov. You can read it in full at our information portal on the Read Journal Online page.
Source:  Retail&Loyalty


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