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Vending Kiosk Saves Women from Sore Feet

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Flat Out of Heels A cashless payment system by USA Technologies Inc. is helping save women from tired, achy feet. The company announced that its ePort system has been used in the Flat Out of Heels vending kiosk, which sells rolled ballet flats to anyone seeking relief from stilettos.

The kiosk, designed by ESON Design Partnership, is equipped with a 17-inch high definition monitor to display commercials or advertising, along with customizable side panels, according to the news release.

The first kiosk launched at the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, with future plans to target nightclubs in Miami Beach. Flat Out of Heels CEO Dawn Dixon said USAT's cashless payment technology was vital to the success of her kiosk business.

"USAT's assistance with a cashless payment solution is one of the main reasons why we are in the kiosk business today; we needed reliable credit card capabilities that seamlessly integrated with a machine that we were essentially building from scratch," said Dixon. "To help turn my vision into reality, USAT worked with ESON's development team, providing the technical interface and support necessary for customized cashless payments integration and an open-ended test environment that accommodates the entrepreneurial development cycle."
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