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UK retailers overlook 'digiboomers' - report

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UK retailers overlook 'digiboomers' - reportRetailers are overlooking the 45+ age population (digiboomers) which, by 2025, will make up two-thirds of online retail activity, then the 55+ population, a recent report reveals.

Moreover, 22% of marketers are actively targeting this potentially valuable segment of shoppers, according to 'The Rise of the Digiboomers' reports issued by the digital agency GreenLight, reports. Nine out of ten of 55+ customers shop online, with 76% doing so at least once per week. The majority are using the internet to research and purchase products. One in ten spend more than GBP 150 per month and more than half (51%) spend between GBP 20 and GBP 80 online each month.

Additionally, 66% prefer to use a laptop to shop online, 24% download music or videos and, in 2015, 55+ customers will spend GBP 14.45 billion online. Books and magazines are the most popular online purchases. The main reasons given by these customers for shopping online are flexibility, delivery convenience and the ability to compare prices. The research was conducted on more than 1000 55+ customers.


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