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Uber notified users about changed terms of service

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Uber Company sent a notification of change in the terms of service to its registered subscribers.

Under the new rules, the company's customers are to recognize that the Uber company neither provides transportation or logistics services, nor operates as a transport company, and that such transportation or logistics services are provided by independent third-party contractors, who are neither employees nor affiliates of Uber.

Lawyer Svyatoslav Pats, an external expert of Retail-Loyalty.org, says that the changes introduced by Uber resulted from the recent statement of Moscow Department of Transport.

"My guess is that updating the rules, Uber tries to minimize the risks of failure to conclude an agreement with Moscow Department of Transport. The matter is that the latter requires Uber work exclusively with licensed taxi drivers, and this kills the very model of the service, according to a number of views expressed in the media. This is based on the assumption that under the new rules the company draws special attention of the users to the fact that it does not provide any transport services, but only offers a smartphone application that allows communication with independent carriers. At the same time, I have doubts that such a change in the rules can effectively protect Uber from a ban on its operation unless the agreement with the Transport Department is signed,"- says S. Pats.
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