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Uber-like delivery service Grabr updated website and mobile app

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Grabr is a Uber-like service, only in the market of goods delivery. This is one of the few successful startups that sprang up from the idea of ​​“uberization” of something, i.e., it is based on shared economy.

In this case the object of “uberization” is the delivery of goods from one city or country to another. The service uses tourists and business travellers for the delivery of purchases in their personal luggage.

In principle, nothing conceptually new is invented in Grabr: when you're going somewhere, then all your friends and acquaintances ask you to bring something from the place you go to. And on Facebook you often can see an appeal: “Is there anybody in the city of N? I need to buy X and ready to pay by card now.” And Grabr is expanding its “outreach” globally.

The service works very simply: a person who wants to buy any goods from abroad, places an announcement specifying what s/he wants and where it is sold. Anyone who travels to the respective city, monitors applications and responds to them by offering to bring the goods on a certain date and for a certain fee. If there are several offers, they compete in price, while the buyer in any case receives the goods sooner and for a less price as compared to using traditional delivery services. Besides, the buyer can order something that is not sold in online stores and is only available offline.

At this stage, the service is actively seeking those who would fulfill orders, including hiring of employees who would go anywhere just to cover the ticket cost - it is necessary to avoid pending orders waiting for those who would fulfill them. Besides, part-timers can travel for free at the Grabr expense, picking several orders in certain cities.

Currently 50,000 active users are signed up to the service, divided approximately equally between travellers (50%) and customers (50%). 


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