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UAE shoppers prefer cash-on-delivery for online purchases

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For UAE shoppers, cash is king in conducting online shopping and, therefore, cash-on-delivery is the preferred payment method, according to the ecommerce marketplace

However, more than a third of the online shoppers who choose cash-on-delivery don’t honour the transaction when their parcel arrives on the doorstep, often for trivial reasons. “Sixty per cent of our customers pay cash on delivery – I’d say about one in every three people change their minds at the doorstep,” Indraneel Jain, regional director at, reports.

Jain does not see the cash-on-delivery method disappearing in favour of online payment as people are still wary of using credit cards despite the fact that they are often safer. “In today’s scenario, payment gateways are safer because they do check for fraudulent transactions.
Source:  The Paypers

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