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The government refused to ban selling "sanctioned" items

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According to the press, "this can be concluded from the formal feedback by the Government to the respective amendments to the law on trade proposed by the State Duma deputies."

The government opposed the ban on selling "sanctioned products" and did not support a draft law to ban the sale of goods that are forbidden for imports.

"The Government believes that the law on trade should not regulate foreign trade relations," the Izvestia newspaper says.

However, the authors of the amendments found the government's arguments untenable. They stay determined and, in the worst case scenario intend to try to introduce changes in other laws, such as the Code of Administrative Offences.

The government sources noted that such products are already subject to destruction according to the decree of Vladimir Putin of July 29, 2015, i.e. such a ban would violate the presumption of sanctioned products destruction.

Authors of the draft law are LDPR deputies Sergey Karginov, Ivan Sukharev and Kirill Cherkasov. In their opinion, the negative feedback of the government is unjust and driven by the retailers’ strong lobby.
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