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The Etsy Shop Launches at Macy’s Herald Square

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Etsy.jpgToday, Etsy is launching the first ever Etsy Shop at Macy’s, our newest Retail Partner. The Etsy Shop, located on one below, the newly renovated lower level of Macy’s iconic Herald Square location, features a curated selection of items from eight Etsy sellers in a dedicated retail space.

We applaud Macy’s for their support of independent designers on Etsy Wholesale by showcasing their unique creations to Macy’s customers. Macy’s team of buyers hand-selected more than 50 products for the launch of the new Etsy Shop. The assortment, which features stationery, jewelry and homewares, also includes five unique items designed exclusively for Macy’s from Etsy shops Sol del Sur, Meera Lee Patel, and Modern Mud. The Etsy Shop will be refreshed with new products every six to eight weeks, focusing on a different theme during each selling cycle.

“Macy’s Herald Square is one of the most dynamic shopping destinations and retail experiences in New York City,” said Marc Mastronardi, executive vice president/general merchandise manager of Accessories/Center Core for Macy’s. “For designers to showcase their products to a locally and globally diverse customer base in the exciting, selling environment of Herald Square, is an incredible opportunity for both wholesalers and customers. The new Etsy Shop at Macy’s Herald Square is a unique collaboration that enhances the in-store shopping experience for our customers.”

Macy’s Herald Square is one of the most visited tourist destinations in New York City with 20 million visitors annually. This partnership offers the opportunity for these Etsy sellers to share their designs with the tens of thousands of customers from around the world that visit Macy’s Herald Square each day. The Etsy Shop at Macy’s will bring to life the connections made between designers and buyers in search of unique goods. Shoppers will be able to learn more about the person behind the products through displays that tell the story of the designer and offer a sneak peak into their making process.

Etsy Wholesale is committed to helping independent designers by providing a platform where they can grow their businesses and have opportunities to connect directly with retailers. While the majority of the retailers on Etsy Wholesale are made up of small, independent boutiques, many Etsy sellers also dream of having their products stocked on the shelves of large retailers.

Working with large retailers is often unfamiliar territory, and traditional wholesale practices can present operational and financial challenges to small independent designers. We listened to feedback from our community and last fall, launched the Etsy Wholesale Retailer Commitments, a set of guidelines around how our Retail Partners will work with independent designers on Etsy Wholesale. These commitments require our Retail Partners to rethink business as usual and create a whole new kind of relationship with the independent designers on Etsy Wholesale that leads to mutual success; a bold step toward reimagining commerce and reimagining wholesale.

Through the Retailer Commitments, we look forward to continuing to build meaningful partnerships with retailers such as Macy’s, who value independent design and provide sellers on Etsy Wholesale with a foundation to build lasting and successful wholesale businesses.

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