The average receipt on Chinese e-commerce sites in Russia is by 2.5 times less than that on in Russian ones - Information portal

The average receipt on Chinese e-commerce sites in Russia is by 2.5 times less than that on in Russian ones

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This was reported in a Gfk study ordered by Yandex.Market and presented during the round table "Modern online commerce in Russia".

Alexander Demidov, Director General Gfk Russia, informed, in particular, that the Consumer Confidence Index today fell below 100, although it did not reach minimum of 2009. The drop in sales affected almost all sector of retail. Meanwhile, e-commerce feels different. For example, while the consumer electronics offline sales fell in 2015 by 12.8% in general, the respective online sales grew by 3.3%. According to Gfk, in 2015 online sales in FMCG increased by 54%, and by as few as 14% in the offline channel.

At the same time, Gfk analysts believe, nearly one third of online purchases in Russia are made in foreign stores (31%). The popularity of Chinese sites is characterized by a sharp increase. For example, the share of Gfk respondents who made their purchases in the Chinese online stores has doubled since 2013 - from 25% to 51%.

The average receipt in the Chinese online stores is 2.5 times less than in Russian and English online stores. The Russian e-commerce market is being concentrated (the proportion of buyers that make purchases in online shops outside the top 15, dropped from 74 to 61% within two years), and on the other hand, loyalty is increasing - the share of buyers preferring their favorite online store or site grew up to 65%.

73% of the Russian online shoppers pay in cash for online purchases in 2015, 54% pre-pay by credit card, 34% use card to pay upon delivery, 31% use electronic wallets. Only 7% of the buyers use terminals to pay for online purchases.

22% of Russian shoppers, according to Gfk, make purchases under a joint purchase model. For Russian consumers price is the main criteria for choosing an online channel - the proportion of customers for which this factor is of priority in 2015 amounts to 34%, followed by the time savings factor (23%).

According to Gfk researchers, free delivery (40% respondents) and discounts (30%) are the most encouraging factors making Russians buy online. Thus, according to the findings of Gfk research, online commerce in Russia will grow even during a crisis.
Source:  Retail&Loyalty

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