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Tangent Selects DataCash to Offer an Enhanced and Bespoke Ecommerce Experience

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ecommerceThe UK’s leading payment service provider, DataCash, a MasterCard Company, has announced that it has partnered with digital agency Tangent Snowball, to offer their existing clients the benefits of DataCash’s payment gateway.

Tangent Snowball offers a unique range of services including bespoke enterprise e-commerce, built upon their open-source framework ‘Oscar’. Oscar is built for flexibility and is used in production by Tata Group, PepsiCo and Carlsberg amongst others. The new partnership with DataCash combines the passion from both companies to provide industry leading technology for online retailers. The collaboration will offer Tangent Snowball clients an enhanced ecommerce service through the DataCash payment gateway enabling a seamless, secure and inclusive payment experience which can be used across multi-channel platforms for both medium and large merchants.

David Winterbottom at Tangent Snowball commented, ‘As a company dedicated to offering the latest technology alongside a creative and user-friendly experience, we are thrilled to be working with DataCash. Our combined experience and passion will ensure that the most bespoke, advanced ecommerce solutions are being offered to our clients’.

Simone Leevey, Head of Partner Channel at DataCash said, ‘We are glad to be working with a company whose strategies align so closely with ours. DataCash fits seamlessly into the Tangent Snowball payments module and we are looking forward to offering our services in such a growing field. The collaboration will ensure the ecommerce client experience is as safe and efficient as possible’.
Source:  DataCash


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