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T-Mobile Poland: 5,500 Registered Users for NFC after Two Months

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t-mobile_poland-mywallet-website.jpgThe telco, which launched NFC services in late October, disclosed the number of users in announcing that two more banks, Getin Bank and a sister financial institution, Noble Bank, had joined its MyWallet service.

That brings to four the number of banks issuing MasterCard PayPass payment applications for T-Mobile Poland SIM cards. The other two banks are Raifeissen Polbank, formerly known as Polbank EFG; and mBank, which is owned by BRE Bank; a T-Mobile Poland spokesman told NFC Times.

The 5,500 is believed to be the number of NFC SIM cards the telco has issued, not the number of subscribers who use the mobile-payment services. The latter figure is believed to be much lower.

The 5,500 “user” signups for the telco’s MyWallet service were better than expected after a little more than two months. T-Mobile Poland, also known as PTC locally, has a total of 15.5 million subscribers. The service is only available to postpaid subscribers.

The spokesman said the telco hasn’t released actual usage numbers for the NFC applications.

Subscribers with an NFC SIM and any of eight NFC handsets certified by MasterCard that the telco has put on sale can tap to pay anywhere PayPass is accepted. That includes about 100,000 point-of-sale terminals in Poland, which represents roughly one-third of all POS terminals in the country–one of the highest penetrations rates of contactless terminals anywhere.

The eight NFC-enabled smartphones T-Mobile Poland has introduced include the Samsung Galaxy S III, Galaxy Note 2 and Sony Xperia P, Xperia S and Xperia T. The telco also offers the NFC services with two Nokia Symbian phones, the 603 and 808 Pureview; as well as the NFC version of the Samsung Galaxy S III mini, which is apparently a new arrival for the telco.

Two other Polish banks have expressed interest in issuing applications for the wallet, Millennium Bank and the Polish branch of Citibank.

T-Mobile is using a system with common specifications and guidelines for formatting and provisioning the applications and data. Trevica, a processor and service aggregator owned by MasterCard, is setting up all of the applications and data for the various banks planning to put PayPass on the T-Mobile Poland SIMs. Morpho Cassis is the trusted service manager on the service provider side for MasterCard, downloading and provisioning the applications. Gemalto provides the NFC SIMs and Toro provides the mobile wallet software.

T-Mobile Poland’s parent, Deutsche Telekom group, is gearing up for NFC launches in other European markets, including its flagship operator in Germany. There it will issue its own PayPass application for its planned NFC-enabled wallet, due to launch later this year.

T-Mobile Poland has said it sees an opportunity to enable other applications on its NFC SIMs, including transit and event ticketing, loyalty programs, “partnership cards” and ID cards.

A competing telco, Orange Poland, launched services around the same time that T-Mobile Poland did, featuring a prepaid Orange Cash application issued by mBank. The application also supports PayPass. Orange Poland had 10 phones NFC phones available as of late January.


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