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Suppliers Announce a 10% Increase of Purchase Price

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Main candidates for the potential price increase are coffee, tea, bread, alcohol, vegetables and fruits, as well as household cleaning products.

According to mass media, food suppliers started to inform retail networks about the rise in prices for several types of goods at once. Moreover, they want retailers to cut the review and approval time for updated price-lists from 45 to 14 days. As several large retailers admit, suppliers issue new price-lists for bakery, fruits, vegetables, alcohol and household cleaning goods making references to USD exchange rate.

According to the information published in the Izvesiya, the Dixy Group confirms that manufacturers request to review prices.

“Several Dixy suppliers did inform the network about their intent to increase supply prices up to 10%. Each of the notifications is subject to an analysis and negotiations regardless of the economic environment. Such categories as imported alcohol, household cleaning goods, vegetables and fruits are most dependent upon currency fluctuations,” said Ekaterina Kumanina, PR director of the company.

She mentioned, however, that retail prices dynamics remain within seasonal variation limits. The situation is also simplified by the fact that during summer shops usually sell vegetables and fruits of Russian origin.
Source:  Retail&Loyalty


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