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Stroitelny Dvor Selects Price Optimization and Analytic Services from Revionics and Strategix

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Revionics Price Suite, Elasticity Workbench and Key Value Item Analysis to Automate and Optimize Pricing across Online and Brick-and-Mortar Channels.

Fast-growing regional Russian DIY provider Stroitelny Dvor is highly regarded for its superior service and deeply knowledgable technical online specialists. As it embarks on a strategic growth initiative, first by opening new stores and then by driving increased online traffic while enriching its assortment, then by expanding its network of store outlets, the company sought to streamline and automate its pricing practices and deliver more focused Key Value Item pricing.  Working with its technology partner Strategix, Stroitelny Dvor selected Revionics Price Suite along with Elasticity Workbench and Key Value Item (KVI) analytic services. 
In Russia’s highly competitive DIY market, Stroitelny Dvor is notable for focusing on hard goods (everything that is needed for building). Its extensive stocking enables it to rapidly fulfill customer orders with normal delivery timeframes of two hours and rapid delivery in as little as one hour. Its online customers value Stroitelny Dvor’s knowledgable technical specialists, whose personalized approach assists callers in making the optimum selections for their projects. 

Building on this foundation, Stroitelny Dvor plans to enhance its online assortment and build more automated, mature pricing processes. Working with Strategix, the company selected Revionics over another major price optimization vendor because of its richer functionality and ease of use. «As we focus on driving increased online traffic and eventually expansion into new geographies, we want to free up our category managers from routine pricing  activities to focus more strategically across all channels,» said Elena Golubcova, Deputy CEO for Projects. «With our longtime partner Strategix, we plan to leverage Revionics’ transparent machine-learning capabilities, offer attractive prices on items, and expand our KVIs while delivering measurable improvements in our top- and bottom-line results».  

«We are excited to deepen our already robust partnership with Revionics and provide Stroitelny Dvor with our local-language implementation, training and support expertise,» said Strategix Chief Executive Officer Jan Hannusek. “It’s exciting to see growth retailers like Stroitelny Dvor leverage Revionics’ leading technology to offer Russian consumers more sophisticated options across both online and in-store channels». 
«We are pleased to welcome Stroitelny Dvor to the Revionics customer family as we continue our growth in EMEA and beyond, delivering rapid ROI to retailers worldwide», said Revionics Chairman and CEO Marc H. Hafner. «Our strong multi-year partnership with Strategix continues to provide compelling value for customers in Eastern and Central Europe and Russia».

Source:  Stroitelny Dvor

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