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Square Tests Food Ordering App

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Square Tests Food Ordering AppSquare is testing a mobile app which lets users order and pay for food from participating restaurants before picking it up.

As first noticed by Priceonomics, the Square Pickup Android and iOS app is being beta tested at several San Francisco food outlets. Square is refusing to comment but has a page on its Web site for invited beta testers.

The app displays the restaurant's menu from which the user picks their order before paying with Square and picking it up when it's ready.

As Priceonomics notes, Pickup is not original, offering a similar service to OrderAhead and Seamless. PayPal has also trialled an order-ahead feature in Australia.

Square has a few massive advantages versus these companies, however, in making this “ordering for pickup” business work. First, tens of thousands of merchants have already loaded their menus into their Square accounts. These merchants also use Square for the Point of Sale system. Now, Square can allow all these merchants to accept orders through Square Pickup with the flip of a switch. Unlike it's competitors, Square may even offer this service for free since it gets paid a transaction fee for processing the credit card.
Source:  Finextra, Priceonomics


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