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Sony Hijacks Vending Machines with Bottled Walkman

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SonyIf you’ve ever dreamed of listening to music while swimming, Sony made ​​sure that this dream finally became a reality. The brand’s long-lasting and pioneering Walkman sub-brand has created a new waterproof MP3 player designed to enhance the experience of listening to music while swimming.

The target niche is precisely defined; professional swimmers are preferred customers (as it’s indirectly stated in commercial). However, their attention is difficult to attract and retain, so the brand made great effort by creating the world’s first Bottled Walkman.

DraftFCB has created a unique, package design by placing Sony’s waterproof MP3 players inside bottles full of water and selling them inside vending machines at gyms and pools. Thereby, the vending machines were transformed into distribution channels allowing customers to buy the product while they’re purchasing their favorite drink.
Source:  Branding Magazine


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