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Social Media Integration, Retail Analytics, Security Capabilities and Mature Cloud Infrastructure Cited as Key Factors in EarthLink’s Decision

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AirTightAirTight Networks secure cloud Wi-Fi powers EarthLink’s new WiFi/WIPS solution designed for the multi-unit retail industry. EarthLink announced the upcoming launch of this solution at NRF 2014.

“Consumers are already using their mobile devices in-store to enhance their shopping experience. With EarthLink WiFi, retailers can roll out corporate applications to connect with those consumers and service them more efficiently, while gathering valuable data for marketing and store operations,” said Greg Griffiths, EarthLink Vice President of Retail Solutions. “AirTight’s offering stood apart with its cloud-based management, rich retail analytics and ease of deployment.”

The solution was demonstrated at AirTight’s booth #1256 and EarthLink’s booth #1567. AirTight and EarthLink experts were on hand to demonstrate and discuss the Wi-Fi offering. Visitors to either booth got to experience the social media integration capabilities by logging into an actual social media portal. The demo built AirTight’s and EarthLink’s social media reach, and visitors will get something of value – the same experience retailers are now able to provide in their stores.

“EarthLink’s full-service network capabilities make our enterprise-class Wi-Fi and security accessible to all retailers, whether small or large,” said Kevin McCauley, Director of Retail Market Development at AirTight. “Through our partnership with EarthLink, the technology can now be delivered as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). The IaaS model is ideal for multi-unit retail, where IT resources are often not available at an individual store level.”

AirTight has served retailers for over a decade and has translated that knowledge into an enterprise-grade solution that does not compromise on features and security. AirTight’s secure cloud Wi-Fi dramatically reduces IT resources needed to roll-out and manage the network, resulting in low total cost of ownership. This is Wi-Fi with a “business first” approach, delivering business intelligence and brand engagement. The solution is retail-ready right out of the box, with secure guest and private Wi-Fi, PCI compliance scanning and 24/7 protection from wireless threats.

“The partnership with EarthLink validates the maturity of our cloud offering and our focus on the ‘appification of Wi-Fi’,” said David King, CEO of AirTight. “AirTight has raised the bar on wireless connectivity, converting it from ‘IT plumbing’ to a revenue-generating business initiative. We are excited about partnering with the number one managed service provider in North America and getting this solution into the hands of many more retailers.” 
Source:  AirTight Networks

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