steps up its delivery with 2-hour service - Information portal steps up its delivery with 2-hour service

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Shoe shoppers in two of Canada’s most populous cities will soon be able to get footwear ordered online even faster.

Online footwear retailer began offering two-hour-or less delivery last week to shoppers in Toronto and Vancouver. The expedited delivery is available only on select styles and comes at a price: Each order delivered within two hours comes with a $19.95 delivery fee.

Footwear fashionistas in other Canadian markets won’t have to wait long for the fleet-footed footwear fulfillment service. says it plans to roll out two-hour delivery in a handful of other major Canadian metropolitan markets by the end of the year including Ottawa, Montreal, Calgary and Edmonton.

"The introduction of two-hour delivery for Canadian consumers not only demonstrates our company mission, it puts at the forefront of Canada's e-commerce market like never before, and will ultimately transform the way Canadians shop online," CEO Roger Hardy said., No. 180 in the Internet Retailer 2015 Top 500 Guide, raised $45 million in a round of private funding earlier this year. data shows that its audience is primarily female (55.14%). The company’s sales have grown at an annual rate of 9.02% over the past five years, going to an Internet Retailer-estimated $169.2 million last year from $109.9 million in 2010
Source:  Internet Retailer

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