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Ship to Store Is Retailers' Top Fulfillment Option

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Retailers offer consumers a variety of shipping options to meet their needs. According to September 2015 research, ship to store is the most common worldwide.

Retail Systems Research (RSR) and SPS Commerce found that nearly two-thirds (61%) of retailers worldwide said they offered ship-to-store fulfillment options. Additionally, more than half of respondents said they offered 2-day delivery shipping options.

In third place, 40% of respondents offered shipping from stores.

Ship to store attracts many digital buyers. A survey from UPS found that in 2014, 35% of US digital buyers said they used ship-to-store services. That went up by 3 percentage points in its 2015 survey.

Separate research from Blackhawk Engagement Solutions asked digital buyers what would make them likely to try buy online, pick up in-store. Some 86% or respondents said they would consider purchasing this way to save $10 on a $50 item.


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