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Sergey Brin’s Brother Sam Is Working On A Startup Called Butter Systems

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Butter SystemsSam Brin, the 26-year-old younger brother of Google co-founder Sergey Brin, is working with his college friend Jon Li on a new startup called Butter Systems. According to TechCrunch, Butter Systems is not a search engine and it is likely something that Google will not compete against. As part of the Y Combinator Winter 2013 class, Butter Systems is a company that will use tablets to replace restaurant menus. Butter Systems will let customers order food and flag down someone to take their bill. This makes the server’s life a bit easier. The company has a goal of increasing sales by making it easier to order more. Sam’s brother Sergey is an advisor for the company, but is not an investor.

When a customer sits down, an Android tablet will be at the table. The people that are sitting at the table can order from their server as usual, but the tablet is available if the server is busy. The tablet has a customizable digital menu system. The tablet has a locked-down menu mode so that the restaurant patrons do not use it for surfing the Internet.

After you are done eating, you can tap on the “Check Please!” button so that the server knows that the table is ready for the bill. Butter Systems did not integrate a payment method within the app yet because they want to ensure that there is at least some level of human contact.

So how does the restaurant receive orders from the tablet? The restaurant will have a tablet by the kitchen that flash red until someone on the wait staff looks it over and confirms the order before sending it to the kitchen. This way the order is accurate before putting the cooks to work.

Butter Systems is currently testing their concept out at the Bumble restaurant in Los Altos, California.
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