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Self-service kiosk market will grow by 11 percent, new report says

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Self-service kiosk.jpgThe self-service kiosk market will grow at 11 percent CAGR, according to a new report by Sandler Research entitled "Global Interactive Kiosk Market 2015-2019." This report, according to a Sandler Research press release, also examines several trends within the industry. 

Retail currently holds the lion's share of the kiosk market, as it generated 46.35 percent of all kiosk revenue in 2014, according to the report. Retailers have utilized kiosk for increased customer interaction and to gather metrics. Currently, retail kiosks are experiencing increased growth in China and India. 

However, the report also mentions some of the challenges in the market, such as the rapid pace of technology. Manufacturers have to update kiosk hardware and software every six months simply to stay updated. In addition, tablet kiosks are beginning to replace traditional kiosk designs in several industries such as hotels and restaurants, due to lower costs and increased customization. 

Health care and financial industries are currently not utilizing tablet kiosks due to their restrictive features. The report does not include ATMs in its analysis. It is available for purchase now.
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