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Sales growth in Russian e-commerce to continue

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yStats.jpgThis conclusion is published by yStats, a German analytical company. 

According to research conducted by them, the Russian B2C e-commerce segment is expected to increase, despite the overall unfavorable economic situation. 

The foreign experts say the expected sales volume growth in the domestic B2C-segment is two times higher as compared to other countries, with Russia’s central regions being the main drivers of such progress. 

Besides, yStats analysts predict overall growth of the global e-commerce market until 2017. After that, in their opinion, there will be a slight decline in some segments, but the key figures increase will continue. It is to be recalled, that many major foreign companies such as Alibaba Group or Jingdong Mall, saw the true value of the Russian e-commerce market potential and opened their local offices here long ago.
Source:  Retail&Loyalty

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