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SafetyPay and GlobalShopex Work Together to Provide a Secure International Shipping Solution for U.S. Ecommerce Sites

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SafetyPay.jpgSafetyPay™, a provider of online payment solutions for global ecommerce sites, has recently collaborated with GlobalShopex to provide a seamless ecommerce experience for consumers and merchants alike. SafetyPay enables consumers to shop online paying directly from their bank account in their local currency, allowing them to purchase merchandise from anywhere in the world. Now, with GlobalShopex’s international ecommerce checkout and shipping platform, U.S. merchants have the capacity to sell their merchandise across borders without the setbacks previously encountered from extending their reach.

GlobalShopex offers a fully-integrated approach to global ecommerce, providing online merchants with international shipping, logistics, and payment processing. By combining its international shipping solution with SafetyPay’s secure global online payment service, consumers finally have the resources to connect with merchants from across the globe with the promise of a secure transaction and speedy delivery.

“SafetyPay has a strong position in many international markets and consumers prefer their payment method when making purchases from global merchants,” said Colleen Petschulat, the Vice President of Business Development at GlobalShopex. “SafetyPay complements GlobalShopex by offering a truly globally accepted payment method to American merchants interested in reaching an even broader international market.”

Using its international ecommerce solutions, merchants ship their orders to GlobalShopex’s U.S. export hub where the company then takes care of the entire international shipping process, including the handling of customs and duties owed by the customer, tailored to each individual country. The full-service provider eliminates the risk that has previously plagued merchants offering payment and delivery to customers abroad. Furthermore, all of the items are shipped to customers from its in-store warehouse with an average delivery of only 4 business days, ensuring high customer satisfaction which in turn promotes a positive reputation for the merchant.

The recent collaboration of services offered by SafetyPay and GlobalShopex is sure to open doors for online merchants across the U.S., giving them an opportunity to gain a greater share of the global marketplace. “Together, our two companies have revolutionized the industry for U.S. ecommerce companies and provided consumers worldwide with easy access to foreign goods and services,” said Ronald Wieselberg, Vice President of Business Development at SafetyPay. 
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