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Russian users can help AliExpress improve translation quality

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AliExpress.pngAliExpress, the global retail marketplace, announced the launch of a crowdsourcing based project to improve the translation quality

The new feature has been available to Russian users on the AliExpress official website since early December.

From now on, Russian users can offer their translation of names of any products displayed on the site and assess versions offered by other customers through a vote. This will help effectively and promptly correct inaccuracies in machine translation. During the past month over 40 thousand people joined the project and helped improve the quality of translation of more than 180,000 names of goods. That is a pioneer project in the e-retail segment of the Russian market. It will facilitate navigation on the site for the users, they will help millions of other shoppers to easily find the right product, and thus contribute to the development of the AliExpress global community.

Mark Zavadsky, Business Development Director at AliExpress in Russia and the CIS, pointed out the high level of activity of Russian shoppers and expressed the hope that the crowdsourcing project would help make the site more convenient for Russian speaking users.

To become a project participant it is sufficient to have a profile on AliExpress. Currently an option of translation from English into Russian is available for Russian users. Later on, it is planned to allow users to edit the translations into other languages.

Every translation assignment includes a certain number of names of goods to be prepared within a certain time. The users can find translation details, including the assignment number and type, time of its completion, and its status in their personal accounts.

Project participants will also be able to accumulate bonus points: the entry in the translation system on the website and assessment of the existing translations gives five points. If the translation passes through AutoCheck or receives approval from the users / sellers and is published, the participant will receive ten points.
Source:  AliExpress


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