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Russian Internet retailers tend to increase traffic through offering a user-friendly interface

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usability-lab.jpgThis conclusion was made by J'son & Partners Consulting in a report on their recent study. The number of online stores in Russia exceeded 40,000 long ago, with any project success depending not only on pricing, product quality and speed of service, but also on the user interface convenience. 

Among the most important parameters that determine the usability of stores are high-quality visualization, speed of page downloading, a detailed description of the characteristics, navigation, well-adjusted call-to-action mechanism and provision of relevant information on the goods. 

Yevgeny Danilik, Head of B2C, Russia, at DPD company told specially for Retail & Loyalty, how the delivery service influence the customers’ satisfaction with an online store: "Quite often, our company is faced with a situation where customers of an online store are disappointed or cancell an order because of incomplete or distorted information about the terms of delivery. 

That's why we are permanently monitoring such pages as Basket and Delivery and give feedback to the customers regarding the completeness and correctness of the information received. This makes a positive impact on the end results. 

The options of “Item fitting” and “delivery interval” selection are good examples of how service delivery affects the extent of customer loyalty: once trying the fitting service, the buyer expects it from other online stores. Sometimes, even being informed about the absence of such a service, the client is trying to “come to terms” with the courier on the spot.
Source:  Retail&Loyalty


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