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Russian goods came to China

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Online marketplace TMall Global, which is part of Alibaba, started selling goods from Russia in China.

It is to be recalled that ABK retail chain was one of the first Russian companies wishing to sell their products in China. The retailer started selling their groceries in China on September 1, planning to finally reach $60 million sales volume. The terms of the deal allow the company to import products from Russia directly.

The first shipment to China included sweets from the United Confectioners holding such as Alyonka chocolates, Bite and Ecobotanica snack bars, baby puree Frutonyanya, marshmallow soufflé Charmel.

According to M.Zavadsky, General Director of the Russian branch of Alibaba Group, the ABK turnover-based commission will be "a few percent". Usually TMall’s charges include 5-10 thousand dollars annually, depending on the goods, a 25 thousand dollar security deposit and 0.5-5% of each transaction.
Source:  Retail&Loyalty

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