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Russian businessmen to invest in Iranian Internet resources

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Andrey Mouraviev and Boris Sinegubko invested in Iranian DigiKala, Divar and Sheypoor

B. Sinegubko called DigiKala an e-commerce market leader in Iran and a local analogue of Amazon. The businessman compares Divar and Sheypoor with Avito. According to media reports, DigiKala is estimated at less than $ 400 million, but according to experts, the company's value will grow to $3-4 billion over the next five years.

Sinegubko and Mouraviev became co-owners of the Iranian Internet assets about six months ago, when they decided to invest in Swedish Pomegranate Investment established by Per Brillioth specifically for operations in Iran.

In the autumn of 2015, Avito founders Jonas Nordlander and Filip Engelbert became shareholders of Pomegranate, too.

Pomegranate holds 9.4% in Iran's Sarava investment company and intends to increase the stake to 15%. Sarava currently holds 51% in DigiKala and plans to increase the stake to 60%. It also holds 20% in Cafebazaar / Divar group and 15% in Sheypoor, where Pomegranate holds 28.8% directly. According Sinegubko, he and Mouraviev became the co-owners of Divar through their participation in Sarava.
Senigubko believes Iran has a large potential for the development of Internet business, as a growing number of young people are willing to use modern technologies. At the same time he also recognizes "enormous risks" of investing in Iran, because the country can "fall for provocations" in foreign policy, and to be hit by Western sanctions again.
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