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Russia to study Chinese experience in e-commerce

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“Your country’s experience in remote sales is very useful for us. We haven’t had so far a large Internet platform to promote Russian brands abroad,” he said.

In 2015, Chinese website AliExpress became the most popular foreign internet retailer among Russians. The company even started to mark Russian products with Made in Russia in its catalogue, with their prices quoted in rubles.

"About 100 domestic brands of clothing and accessories are expected to be presented on AliExpress by the end of this year. I am sure they will be of interest both to those who live in Russia and to foreign shoppers, - said the Prime Minister.

- We will strive to develop similar projects of our own, of course. To this end, we improve the logistics system and the export legislation,"- said Medvedev.

"The procedure of retail goods export has already been simplified. Exporters are exempt from certain customs duties (this regards to the export of goods, which are not subject to export customs duties and are sent by international mail). Express cargo declarations can be submitted in the electronic form,"- said Medvedev.
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