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Russia’s tour operators halt selling tours to Turkey

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Coral Travel, «Pegas Touristik", "Biblio Globus», TEZ Tour and TUI have already announced their decision.

All the country's best-known tour operators have stopped selling package tours to Turkey, based on the respective recommendations by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Federal Agency for Tourism.

By now, such decision was announced by Coral Travel, «Pegas Touristik", "Biblio Globus», TEZ Tour and TUI. At the same time, tourists may demand compensation for the tour costs. According to the Association of Tour Operators of Russia, the tourism industry losses may exceed those resulted from the ban on flights to Egypt.

“Since November is not a high season for Turkey, it is premature to talk about substantial losses for the business. However, should the conflict aggravates and the suspension of sales last 2-3 months, the damage to the tourism business will by times exceed the losses from the Egypt flight ban,” - ATOR warns.

According to media reports, some 10 thousand tourists from Russia are in Turkey now, with 20% of them are those who re-book their tours to Turkey due to the suspension of air travel to Egypt. Some tourists, both organized and independent, are in Istanbul.
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