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Rufavor to Set Up Wholesale eCommerce between China and Russia

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The company is going to launch a wholesale eCommerce platform.

“Currently, there is no wholesale platform in China-Russia Internet sales. We had been developing such a platform for over a year. With its testing started in 2014, we plan to launch the platform in October,” – the head of the company Chan Cun, said to the press.

Rufavor is part of Ruston, a large holding that accounts for 27% of eCommerce freight transportation flow between our two countries. In particular, the company renders delivery services to Ali Express.

Rufavor will appear in cities with million-plus population.

Now, the Rufavor Internet-site renders services related to products regulation, warehousing, online payments. The company clients are legal entities only.

According to the company representatives, Rufavor may become a perfect solution – partner? for small online-retailers, especially in Russian cities with population exceeding one million. Rufavor has already seconded its employees to large cities in Russia to demonstrate its services to prospective clients.
Source:  Retail&Loyalty

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