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RUB2m insurance policy to be a must for Russian tourists travelling abroad

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This rule will also affect tourists traveling abroad independently without the assistance of travel agencies

A conditionally mandatory standard amount of insurance will be introduced for Russian tourists going abroad starting from December 28. According to the newly amended law “On the Fundamental Principles of Tourist Activities in the Russian Federation”, the minimum size of this amount will be 2 million rubles converted at the exchange rate of the Bank of Russia as of the date of insurance.

The insurance is conditionally mandatory, but in fact it is voluntary. This means that in case of refusal to get insured or in case of occurrence of an insured event, the tourists will pay for their treatment and transportation on their own.

This rule will be applied to tourists traveling abroad without the assistance of travel agencies.

"When going abroad, many tourists save on insurance, relying on the hope that the holiday will be quiet. And when emergency occurs, the victims or their relatives start to appeal to the Emergency Situations Ministry and other departments for rescue operations. With the entry of the new amendments into force, the tourist, who refused insurance, assumes all the risks that may occur during the trip," - head of the Russian Union of Insurers I.Yurgens informed.
Oleg Safonov, head of the Federal Tourism Agency, explained that the amount of 2 million rubles is optimal and includes the average cost of treatment of Russian citizens who get into trouble while being abroad.

"Unfortunately, it often happens that our people not insured at all or insured for a tiny amount, get into trouble. It turns out that the lack of insurance makes them vulnerable”, - said the head of the agency.
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