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Rosstat: sanctions reduced imports in Russian retail sector to a record low

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a0ed887f3773e71308d8b14e8cbac992.jpgIn January-March 2017, the share of imported goods on store shelves accounted for 36% - a record low figure since the measurement of the indicator first started in 2008.

The share of imports on store shelves was 38% in Q1 2016, as compared to the same period of 2015 - 41% and 2014 - 43%.

The press service of the Ministry of Industry and Trade (Minpromtorg) explains that several factors contributed to the decrease in the share of imports, with the food products driving the slump at 23%. 

Minpromtorg insists that those are the results of special economic measures taken by Russia in response to the sanctions imposed by Western countries. Before these events, in 2014, the share of imported foodstuffs accounted for 34%.

According to Q1 2017 statistics, the share of imports in the category of cereals accounted for just 0.2%, sausage products - 1.6%, flour - 1.8%, poultry - 4.1%, and pork - 8.3%. Cheese imports still remain rather high (27.7% as compared to 48.4% in Q1 2014).

According to Minpromtorg, «another important factor is that many foreign corporations invest in production in Russia, thus causing the shift of their production from the category of imports to the category of our domestic products. This is beneficial both for our economy and producers».

Minpromtorg Deputy Head Victor Evtukhov informed earlier about the gradual decrease in the share of imports on Russian stores’ shelves. He cited these data in a letter to the Federation Council to note that the share of some domestic products reached 95-100% in the trade turnover of federal retail chains. Those are, in particular, bread, milk, sugar, cereals, meat, fish, eggs and pasta.

The decrease in the share of imports on shelves is also reported by retailers. 



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