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Roskomnadzor to block pirate content on mobile devices

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Roskomdadzor put forward an initiative to block pirate content and resources on mobile devices, according to Alexander Zharov, Agency Head.

“It is necessary to ensure lock out of pirate resources including those on mobile resources. Technical properties of mobile versions of resource make it possible in certain cases to override blocking of pirate sites”, he said.

Mr. Zharov proposed to generate a task team responsible for development of an application which would block illegal content on mobile sets.

He is also planning to create a task team which would address pirate content issues in app stores.

“There might be an application in GooglePlay or AppStore containing some compromised content. I propose to create a task team which will study the issue, and we’ll discuss the results in February”, said Mr. Zharov.

Boris Edidin, the Legal Department Head of Roskomnadzor who is supposed to lead the mentioned team points out that pirate resources increasingly use new ways of their content distribution – through applications.

Thus, he believes that there are difficulties with protection of broadcastings of copyrights holders (rights for broadcasting). “A preventive technical and legal protection of broadcastings is needed’, said Mr. Edidin.
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