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Retailers warned to get ready for Generation Z

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Generation Z citizens are those subjects born in late 1990's, and around 60% of the individuals aged 18 - 24 have higher expectations of retailer delivery performance as compared to 2013. By comparison, only 33% of the individuals aged 45 - 54 have such expectations, according to a survey commissioned by the delivery platform Shutl and carried out by Red Dot Research.

This increased demand from younger shoppers is replicated elsewhere in the findings. For instance, 86% of 18 - 24 year olds stated that delivery options are a key factor influencing their choice of retailer when buying online and the figure declines steadily as shoppers get older, with 83% (25-34s), 82% (35-44s), 73% (45-54s) and 64% (55+). nine out of 10 (90%) 18-24 year olds would shop online more often if they were in control of more convenient delivery options. This is less of an issue for older respondents at 60% (55+), 69% (45-54s), 79% (35–44s) and 88% (25-34s).

More older shoppers than younger ones feel that a two-four day delivery timeframe is acceptable, with 73% (55+), 67% (45-54s); 66% (35-34s); 46% (25-34s) and 58% (18-24s). 77% of respondents across all age groups said that in recent years, a busy lifestyle had prompted them to increasingly shop online. Shoppers based in more rural locations are less demanding than city dwellers. While 34% of urbanites consider under a day a reasonable timeframe for deliveries, 61% of their rural counterparts are prepared to wait between two days and a week. The survey was carried out on 2000 UK consumers.
Source:  The Paypers

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