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Retailers engage mobile shoppers via social media

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vic.jpgRetailers such as Nordstrom, Victoria’s Secret and Lowe’s are have started bringing physical manifestations of social media into their stores. With more shoppers using their phones in-store, often to connect with social media, and throughout the path-to-purchase, it makes sense for retailers to carry over the interest in social media to their window displays and other store marketing efforts. 

The strategy is an example of the blurring of the lines between marketing, content and advertising as omnichannel marketing matures. Some of the most mobile-savvy retailers are stepping up their efforts to not simply engage smartphone-equipped shoppers with applications but to infuse the imagery, actions and feel of social media throughout their store marketing. 

The recent surge in such physical in-store manifestations of social media marketing points to the how marketing is evolving to be more omnichannel and to how social media is becoming a more competitive environment for brands. As marketing continues to evolve, retailers are likely to go even deeper on the social-store integration, leveraging what they learn about their customers on the former to enhance the shopping experience.
Source:  The Paypers


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