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Retailers’ email volumes rise in Q3 and so do open rates

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Retailers sent 27.6% more emails in the third quarter than they did in same period a year earlier and 5.0% more than they did in the second quarter, according to the new Experian Marketing Service “Quarterly Email Benchmark Report.” Despite sending more email retailers’ unique open rates increased to 16.6% from 16.2%.

However, retailers’ revenue per email fell—to 6 cents from 8 cents —as did their average order size—to $162.51 from $184.97.

Those decreases aren’t surprising given the dramatic rise in email volume, says Spencer Kollas, Experian’s vice president of global deliverability services. “The more emails that people receive and the more highly targeted those messages are, the more likely people are to ignore those that aren’t exactly what they’re looking for at that minute,” he says. “That’s why when we see unique open rates actually rising, it’s showing us that retailers’ targeting is working.”

One way that retailers have successfully driven sales via email is by sending flash-sale emails, which feature subject lines advertising discounts that are available for 24 hours or less. The report found that the transaction rate for flash-sale emails in the third quarter was 0.075% compared to 0.047% across all retailer emails that Experian tracked. Moreover, the revenue per email for flash-sale emails was 8 cents, compared to 6 cents across all retail emails.

The report also found that consumers are more likely to view and click in retailers’ emails on their smartphones than they are emails sent by businesses in other verticals, such as travel and business products. For example, 42% of emails across all industries are opened on smartphones, while 50% of retailers’ emails are opened on smartphones. Desktops account for 46% of opens across all industries, while they only account for 39% opens for retailers. Tablet opens were more consistent as they account for 12% of opens across all industries and 11% of retailer opens.

The disparities are more pronounced when it comes to consumers clicking within those emails. For example, only 32% of email clicks across all industries occur on a smartphone compared to 45% of retailer clicks. Desktops account for 60% of email clicks across all industries, compared to 45% of retailer clicks and tablets account for 8% across all industries and 9% of retailer clicks (percentages don’t add up to 100% due to rounding).

Moreover, retailers’ email open rates jumped 11.1% on smartphones compared to the 2014’s third quarter, while the open rates fell 1.8% for desktops and 28.1% for tablets. And retailers’ email clicks from smartphones jumped 21.1% year over year, while desktop clicks declined 9.8% and tablet clicks fell 24.1%.
Source:  Internet Retailer


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