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RAPTOR Devours Groceries Using Automatic Scanning

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raptor.jpegIt's part self-checkout, part assisted checkout, and it's been making a splash on the trade show circuit since its debut at the National Retail Federation show in January.

The RAPTOR by ECRS combines the company's CATAPULT transaction server with the Datalogic 360 degree Portal Scanner for a fast, intuitive checkout experience.

With the RAPTOR, customers put their items on a conveyor belt that runs across a 360-degree scanner that uses 14 individual cameras to catch the varying positions of UPC codes. Instead of spending time scanning items, cashiers are enabled to concentrate on bagging groceries. In the event that one of the cameras doesn't pick up the UPC code, the system alerts the cashier via headset, and they then manually enter the item into the system.

"The RAPTOR experience promises to provide the convenience and customer service edge needed to not only retain existing customers, but to also win market share against the big box outlets and Web retailers," said Pete Catoe, ECRS founder and CEO.

Source:  Kiosk Marketplace


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