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Post of Russia: the new online store in more detail

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po4ta.jpgThe new service will offer consumers a wide range of goods - from foodstuff to furniture. 

According to Deputy Minister of Communications Mikhail Yevraev, the online sales platform to be launched by the Post of Russia in 2016, is one of the key projects of the company now. 

He said in a media interview, that the Post was going to enter into contracts with vendors and brands, thus making money out of fees. According to him, such contracts will allow sellers to present their products not only in the Post of Russia’s online shop, but also in paper catalogues, distributed across the network. In addition, sellers will be able to offer their products directly at the post offices. 

This will facilitate their access to potential customers. In this case, we are talking about the most popular goods. This so-called marketplace model has long been used globally - the sites earn fees on each transaction (eBay, AliExpress). 

On the other hand, none of these companies does not offer their customers an option to place an order in a paper catalogue or buy goods directly at retail outlets. 

According to M. Yevraev, the new project can bring extra income of up to ‘several billion rubles per year’. This will help the Post of Russia compensate for the operation costs of their extensive network.
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