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Portrait of a Wealthy Russian: Online Shopping and Dinner at a Restaurant

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Club W internet project held a poll among wealthy customers from the high net worth individuals (HNWI) group. In Europe those are the customers with the capital of about 25 mln Euros, in the USA – averagely 1 mln US dollars, in Russia – over 30 mln rubles.

Almost one half of the respondents (47%) made online purchases worth over 30 thousand rubles. Their average restaurant bill is 3.2 thousand rubles; wellness and SPA – 5.2 thousand rubles; clothing store bill – 16.9 thousand rubles; jewelry store bill – 57.3 thousand rubles; car dealer bill – 1.4 mln rubles.

The frequency of visits to the restaurants, SPA and stores and the data on spending provided by the respondents were used to calculate annual spending of the respondents on particular items.  For instance the most “hungry” respondents spend more than 1 mln rubles a year on restaurants. The biggest group (46%) spends slightly over 200 thousand rubles. Almost one in every five respondents (17%) spends more than 250 thousand rubles on SPA treatments every year.  It is indicative that the amount spent on clothing is comparable to the restaurants spending. Every fifth respondent spends over 800 thousand rubles a year on clothing.


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