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PLUS-Forum “Online & Offline Retail 2016” enters the home stretch

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The 3rd PLUS-Forum «Online & Offline Retail 2016» will be held by The Retail & Loyalty and The PLUS Journals at Sokolniki Convention&Exhibition Centre in Moscow on 4-5 April 2016. The event is dedicated to the analysis of the prospects for retail and e-commerce development in Russia, the CIS and other countries.

PLUS-Forum is one of a few events growing in popularity even during the current period far from being very favourable one. Over 1000 participants from Russia and other countries across the globe will attend the event this time, including leading Russian and international experts in online and offline retail; owners, top managers and specialists of retail chains, online stores and banks, representatives of airline and insurance companies, tour operators, vendors of hardware and software solutions, and others.

The speakers who have recently confirmed their participation in the PLUS-Forum are the following:

Vladimir Dolgov, CEO, eBay Russia
Mark Zavadsky, CEO, (RU)
Tatyana Klimenko, Retail Sales Director, Inventive Retail Group
Pavel Alyoshin, Head of Yandex.Market
Boris Mamedov, Head of Luxe chains & E-commerce, L'OREAL
Anna Pashkevich, CEO, Center for loyalty programs (Thank you from Sberbank)
Andrew Osokin, e-Commerce Director, BAON
Anastasia Pogorelova, Marketing Director, “7 plus I” retail chain
Sergey Tretyakov, Inspector General, Main Customs Control Department, Federal Customs Service of Russia
Vladimir Tishchenko, Head of IT systems Implementation and Support, CentreInform
Andrey Mishonin - Deputy Director of the Moscow branch of CentreInform, USAIS-WR Project Manager

Among the conference speakers are key representatives of the regulators, relevant committees of the Federation Council, ministries and departments, who will inform about their plans and highlight the new role of the state in the market development and regulation.

Among special guests of the PLUS-Forum are recognized experts who will share their experience and give an overview of their successful projects, discuss current problems and present their vision of development prospects:

Lyudmila Bokova, Deputy Chairperson of the Committee for Constitutional Legislation and State Construction under the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation

Dmitry Satin, Deputy Commissioner of the Federal Tax Service of Russia

Vladimir Tishchenko, Head of IT systems Implementation and Support, CentreInform

Sergey Malyshev, Deputy General Director for mail-order and express delivery business, Russian Post

This year the Forum will address the most important issue for the retail industry, namely how to keep your business afloat and continue operations on an unstable market.

Among the key topics are the following:

· Measures of regulation of retail and related sectors by the state (USAIS, PLATON, etc.): the impact on the business under conditions of unstable market

· Consequences of the entry of the law on “online-fiscalization” into force

· How growth can be achieved in the shrinking demand and decreasing margins environment

· Whether the country is able to ensure enough foodstuffs supply on its own?

· Expansion, repositioning and rebranding in crisis

· Regulation of online environment: complying with the interests of the state without detriment to the consumer?
• Expansion of Chinese marketplaces in online retail
• Prospects for omnichannel commerce
• Internet of Things and innovative payment solutions for retail
• Social networks and loyalty: myths and reality
• Logistics and fulfillment: ways and cases of optimization
• ... and many other topics.

One of the milestones of the conference program will be the session "“Global marketplaces and major logistics operators as drivers of the Russian cross-border e-commerce”. It will bring together representatives of global online malls, leading logistics companies and Russian producers and retailers interested in launching or boosting cross-border sales of Russian goods. They include such iconic structures as, eBay, Alibaba, «EMS Russian Post" and Yandex.Market.

The session will discuss the most pressing issues related to cross-border commerce, the ways of correction of discrepancies in the taxation and administration, which still exist in the Russian legislation. The main purpose is to draw attention to the current problem of cross-border commerce and analyze already accumulated practical experience in the promotion of Russian exports.

During another session “E-grocery market: is crisis a time for a breakthrough?”, which is a new one for the PLUS-Forum, the industry experts will discuss in detail business models of online grocery sales optimal for retail chains, major FMCG-manufacturers and small private stores, and give their practical advice as well.

Foodbuyer, a fundamentally new retail business model, that narrows the distance between the supplier and the end customer, will be presented during April PLUS-Forum for the first time.

More detailed information about the April PLUS-Forum topics can be found on, the official website of the event, where online-registration for the PLUS-Forum is open as well.

The conference programme will be available for downloading soon. It will be also published in the PLUS-Forum mobile app.

While more speakers join the conference and new burning issues are added to PLUS-Forum programme, the number of partners and sponsors is growing, too. The following companies have joined recently: Teleperfomance, TradeEase, BOSLA, Data-Centric Alliance, Compass Plus, CDEK, CASHOFF, VisionLabs, Lattelecom, OM ID, PRO

Among those organizations that will provide the information support for the event are portals,,,,,,,

A large-scale exhibition of specialized business solutions, equipment and technologies from the leading Russian and foreign companies will become one of the most significant events at the Forum. Meetings with the companies’ top executives at the exhibition booths form one of the most popular assets of the event.

The Forum Steering Committee informs that for employees of retail chains, online-stores, airlines, tour operators, fuel stations and government agencies registered before 28 March, 2016 the participation and delegate package are free. For those registered after 28 March, 2016 the participation fee shall be RUB2,500 (to be paid by bank card on site).

For employees of banks, businesses, non-bank credit institutions, etc., the participation fee is RUB24,900.

Stay up to date, following us on the information portal and, the official website of the event, where you can get more detailed information about the April PLUS-Forum “Online & Offline Retail 2016”.

See updates through official hashtag #OOR2016 and join as friends in Twitter, Facebook и YouTube!

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