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Play-Center Kidzania to Open in Moscow Today

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Moscow park of Kidzania international network will be the largest roofed education-through-play park in the world.

Even though the capital accommodates two more parks of the similar format – KidBurg and Masterslavl – Kidzania is the first global player in the market. Its territory has been built as an inclusive play-and-learn space for children to obtain practical professional skills. The park guests can try themselves as doctors, pilots, photographers, builders, journalists and many other. According to the organizers, up to 1 mln. children will have chance to master over 100 professions each year.

KidZania park, to be opened in Aviapark shopping center at Khodynsky boulevard, is not just about entertainment – it’s a city in miniature that belongs to and is managed by children. Children work at its restaurants and banks, for newspapers and radio, in hospitals and at construction sites; they pilot planes and drive buses, earning real Kidzos (Kidzania money) that freely circulate within the city. The money can be deposited with a bank to receive interest revenue, or it can be spent on goods and services paid in cash or by a bank card.

Each child can fulfill his or her dream and safely try on adult professions. KidZania is a city of children, where adults can enter only accompanied by a child.
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