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PayPal Invests in Loop Commerce

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loopcommerceLoop Commerce has secured an investment from PayPal as part of the company's Series A funding. Under the agreement, PayPal joins announced Series A investors, who include e-commerce, technology, retail and finance companies, in supporting Loop Commerce's vision and solution.

The Loop SaaS-based gifting solution for retailers integrates into their online stores, while providing their customers with a way to buy physical products as gifts online. Loop Commerce ensures recipients receive the gifts they want by removing the need for the purchaser to make guesses about the right size, desired style, or preferred shipping address. Gift givers can shop online for a physical gift even, select any product from the retailer's inventory and ensure the gift is sent by welcoming the recipient to complete their desired selection, before the item is shipped.

Loop Commerce has developed a SaaS-based solution that integrates with a retailer's store, including payment and order management systems.
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