Pavel Alyoshin, Head of Yandex-Market, to speak at the PLUS-Forum “Online & Offline Retail 2016” - Information portal

Pavel Alyoshin, Head of Yandex-Market, to speak at the PLUS-Forum “Online & Offline Retail 2016”

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Pavel Aleshin graduated from Bauman Moscow State Technical University, specializing in biomedical engineering and technology. He joined Yandex 2001 to become one of the founders and the leading developer of the Yandex.Market platform.

He was responsible for the Yandex payment systems and internal billing and statistical services of the company. Besides, he participated in the development of the Yandex.Money e-wallet and the first company’s mobile products.

He contributed to the development of the Yandex RTB-system and Crypta technology architecture capable of identifying a particular socio-demographic segment of the user.

The speaker will report on the topic: “What hinders exports? A view from outside”.

The 3rd PLUS-Forum “Online & Offline Retail 2016” will discuss key trends in the transformation of concepts and formats in the retail trade, development of loyalty programmes and consumer communication technology, new global realia and challenges of time for Russian retail, multi- and omni-channel sales, expansion of marketplaces in online retail, Big Data and modern BI-solutions use cases, effective solutions for logistics, cash collection and self-checkout facilities, prospects for NFC- and other payment technologies used for sales, and many other issues.

April PLUS-Forum will bring together leading Russian and international experts in the field of online and offline retail; owners, top managers and specialists of retail chains, food, non-food, DIY, fashion, HoReCa markets, online stores and banks from the Russian Federation and other FSU countries, representatives of airline and insurance companies, vertically integrated oil companies, tour operators, vendors of hardware and software solutions, and others.

We invite speakers and vendors to participate in the event!

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