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OZON.ru couriers migrate to mobile acquiring

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OZON.ru and 2can & ibox implement in Russia "mobile courier", a new system of payments for delivered goods.

OZON.ru couriers will accept payments on customers’ bank cards using ordinary smartphones connected to 2can & ibox mobile POS-terminals. A fiscal data recorder connected to the smartphone via Bluetooth will be used to print receipts for payments in cash.

According to the company’s plans, at the first stage all couriers in Moscow and Moscow region will be equipped with new mobile devices for bank cards acceptance. Test operation of mPOS in other regions covered with the company’s delivery services is scheduled for the beginning of the new year. After all, unlike conventional POS-terminals, m-POS devices are 10 times cheaper and weigh almost nothing.

"The ‘mobile courier’ will facilitate control, planning and monitoring of the couriers, as well as the acceptance of both cash and non-cash payments. The ‘Mobile courier’ performs data exchange and sends information in real time. This allows the couriers to better plan delivery routes, promptly perform a partial issue of orders, send online information about the status of your order, take photos of the parcel contents and send them to the administration office, if necessary"- said Nazamutdinova Maria, Head of PR-department at OZON.ru.

Also, 2can & ibox spokespersons stress that ‘mobile carrier’ allows you to track the location of a courier, to control all stages of the order fulfillment and to raise the level of customer service. This will move OZON.ru to a new level of customer relations – to transfer online order status same day.

"Integration with the 2can & ibox solution simplifies the acceptance of cash and non-cash payments via the courier mobile application. It also reduces the length of these operations and minimizes the risk of error in case of re-calculation of the order value in the event of a partial delivery. In addition, it will allow online monitoring of payment procedures and overseeing the courier’s compliance with the established regulations and procedures. The compactness of the device receiving non-cash payments makes daily activities more convenience,"- says the representative of OZON.ru.
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