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ONPEX has a new office bringing with it expansion, growth and future ambitions

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The Online Payment Exchange (ONPEX) has moved to a new and bigger office in central Munich, Germany, as the company has registered growth and is planning further expansion ahead.

With ONPEX currently achieving over 200% year-on-year growth, their global expansion has required significant expansion of their Munich headquarters. By increasing the size by four times, the capacity of new hires will increase significantly.

Christoph Tutsch, CEO of ONPEX, said: “By increasing our office space we are giving ourselves the possibility to continue to grow our business. We are sure that the next year will bring even more opportunities for ONPEX as we continue to develop and expand.”

In Q1 and Q2, 2015 ONPEX saw a period of sustained global expansion, and it now has projects and partners reaching across five continents including regions such as North America, Europe, Gulf States, Africa, India and South-East Asia. The scale of ONPEX’s future agenda with the new Munich office will complement the existing offices in Luxembourg and Hong Kong and the entity in North America.

Source:  The Paypers


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