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Online trade association supports facial recognition talks

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Online trade association supports facial recognition talksNetchoice, a trade association of eCommerce businesses and online consumers, has come out in support of efforts by the National Telecommunications & Information Association to establish standards for facial recognition in consumer environments.

The NTIA process was hit by walkouts last month when the group of privacy advocates involved withdrew citing issues surrounding a voluntary code of conduct for companies using facial recognition. 
In a statement, Netchoice said that the lastest NTIA-organised meeting was “extremely productive”, despite the absence of the privacy advocates. 

“Today was extremely productive as a diverse group of stakeholders made clear steps toward establishing facial recognition technology policies and regulations that foster transparency, control and closure,” said Carl Szabo, policy counsel for NetChoice. 

"I think we all agree that companies using facial recognition technologies should provide people with meaningful control when their facial image data is shared with others who might not otherwise have access to or are authorized to have access to that data. We continue to encourage all interested parties to participate in this inclusive and cooperative process."

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