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Online shoppers want good value and tech options

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online-shopping couple.jpgOnline shoppers look for good value, technology options and are influenced by social media, a recent study unveils.

According to a report conducted by First Insight has released their new consumer based survey which indicates that most millennials (98%) say they do not want retailers to text them about deals/promotions and only 5% look at fashion magazines as influential for them. Instead, they are looking to e-mail as their preferred communication method.

More than 40% of millennials say price is the ‘most important factor’ in buying decisions, while 60% say they 'never interact' with store profiles on social media while they are in-store.

Study shows that 75% of respondents say they will not shop at stores using facial recognition technology. And while 70% say they do not know what in-store beacons are, most shoppers say barcode scanners are 'the most helpful' in store tech option.

Source:  The Paypers

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